What is Line for Heaven?

LineForHeaven.com helps answer the fundamental question, "Am I going to Heaven?" and proves its slogan "Religion can be fun!" The first religion-based Web 2.0 site in history, LineForHeaven is open to all religious views and feels anyone should be able to get into Heaven, i.e. nobody will be denied entry on basis of religion. The only requirement is to do good deeds.

Unlike any other website, LineForHeaven.com gives you the ability to save your "Soul" and reserve a place in "Heaven" by earning Karma Points. Those with the most Karma Points are deemed most worthy and may earn a chance to become closer to "God". Why waste your time on other sites, meeting creepy strangers, when you could get closer to "God" on our site? Join the new Earth-shattering social gathering that promotes religious tolerance through fun and games. All religious views are welcome, your privacy is guaranteed, and it takes only a minute to sign-up for FREE... and for a good cause!

How it Works (It's free, fun, and painless)

Build Up Your "Soul" in a Few Easy Steps arrow right

  1. Register Now!
  2. Upload a photo.
  3. Tell us why you are worthy (Just a few lines so people will know more about you and will factor this in when they send you a blessing).
  4. Earn Karma Points!

Benefits to You arrow right

  1. Save your "Soul" and commemorate your passage into "Heaven" with eternal life online as an "Angel".
  2. Meet and talk with like-minded people on your spiritual journey in a fun, light-hearted, non-hostile environment.
  3. Be able to bless others, while visiting a "Soul" or playing the Blessing Game, and get blessed in return.
  4. Cleanse your "Soul" and be forgiven for your sins.
  5. Feel good about yourself by spreading the good Karma, donating/tithing, and supporting worthy social causes.
  6. Compare and track your inner worth with Karma Points.
  7. Be a part of the history-making, Earth-shattering social gathering.
  8. Learn more about religion and religious tolerance.
  9. Promote yourself and your work, and get noticed now before LineForHeaven becomes too crowded like MySpace.

View Who is Worthy arrow right

  1. Rapidly browse through hundreds of profiles with our innovative "God's Eye View" of who is waiting in Line for Heaven.
  2. Souls line up according to Karma Points, a measure of worthiness that the public helps determine.

What's inside Heaven arrow right

  1. In Heaven, the most worthy can earn a position next to God. Every Sunday ("Judgment Day") at 7 PM PST, the first person in Line for Heaven will become an "Angel", inducted into Heaven, and One Degree from God.
  2. Users who have acquired the most Karma Points on a daily basis will be allowed to touch Heaven.


Q: I answered the "Feedback" question, but where are my points?

A: To discourage users from just entering and submitting any useless keystrokes, we review all feedback and award points on a discretionary basis.

Q: What happens when all seven spots for "Angels" are taken?

A: If all spots are taken, and it is Sunday at 7 PM PST, Angel #7 will get bumped down to Earth to make room for the new "Angel". Although the old "Angel" will end up at the beginning (all the way at the back) of the line, a set of Wings will be bestowed upon him/her so he/she will be distinguished as an "Angel" from everybody else.

Q: What's going on in "Heaven"? What do each of the 15 spots mean?

A: The first, leftmost spot is "God". The next 7 spots are God's "Angels". The remaining 7 spots are those most likely to succeed. We decide who is most likely to succeed based on their daily activity, so the person with most daily activity, i.e. most Karma Points, at the end of one particular day, will appear in the spot labeled "Last Day #1" for 24 hours. Likewise, the person with the second most Karma Points in a day will appear in the spot labeled "Last Day #2", and so on. "Angels" in "Heaven" are not eligible for the "Last Day" spots.

Q: How do I get points via blessing?

A: If someone blesses you, from your soul or from the blessing game, you get a point for each bless. When you bless other people, you get a maximum of 20 points a day through the blessing game. When blessing other people on their soul pages, only they get a point, not you...but don't forget, you can bless yourself on your own soul page.

Q: How does the "Confess Sin" thing work?

A: Read the rules for repenting.

Q: What's that unsettling thing on the upper right-hand corner that says "Time Left," and what's it ticking down to?

A: The End of the World. Seriously, it is ticking down to "Judgment Day." Every Sunday (or Judgment Day) at 7 PM PST, the first person in line will be inducted into "Heaven" and become an "Angel".

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: Yes, we believe that "All Pets Go To Heaven."

Q: Why is there a difference between rank and position in line?

A: Rank #1 means you've got the most Karma Points, rank #2 means you've got the second most Karma Points, and so on. It doesn't matter if you're in "Heaven" or in the regular line.

On the other hand, the number that appears when you mouse-over a picture in line is the "Position in Line", i.e. Position in Line #1 means you're first in line (the regular line) and closest to "Heaven's Gate", Position in Line #2 means you're second in line and right behind the user with Position in Line #1, and so on. A "Ghost" user does not have a photo and does not appear in line, although this practice is highly discouraged. However, the "Ghost" can still keep track of his/her Karma Points and retains a "Rank". Thus, as an example, it is possible for the person directly in front of you in line to be ranked 2 places higher than you if there is 1 "Ghost" (or "Angel") in between.

Similarly, Heaven has it's own line. Angel #1 is the angel closest to God, Angel #2 is right behind Angel #1, and so on.

Q: How are points given for Quiz Questions?

A: LineForHeaven.com staff members decide whether a question is easy (+10 Karma), medium (+20 Karma), or hard (+30 Karma). You might not always agree with our point allocations, but we try our best to do it right.

Q: What is the scheduling of the "Stuff To Do" questions?

A: The quiz, poll, and feedback questions are updated every three days in staggered fashion: A new quiz question appears on Mondays and Thursdays, a new poll question appears on Tuesdays and Fridays, and a new feedback question appears on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Sunday is the day of rest, so we won't have a new question that day.