What are Karma Points?

Karma Points are used to measure each person's worthiness. The Line for Heaven is arranged according to who has the most Karma Points, so the more Karma Points you have, the closer to the front of the line you will be. The people near the front of the line have a higher chance to get into Heaven and become closer to God.

The Blessing Game (+1 Karma)

You will be presented with two people, and you have to choose which person shall be blessed. The person you choose receives a Karma Point, and you yourself receive a Karma Point. The more people you bless, the more points you wil receive, and the more points others will receive. You can play as much as you want, but you can only earn a maximum of 20 Karma Points per day.

Spreading Karma (+50 Karma)

Inviting friends is the most powerful way to earn Karma Points quickly. Simply enter your friends' email addresses, and for each friend that signs up, you will get 50 Karma Points. As a benefit to them, they will get 10 Karma Points to start off, so they will not have to start from zero.

Instant Karma! (+10 Karma per $)

Instant Karma! Get ahead in line faster by donating/tithing.  Your donation helps keep your favorite Heaven website alive.  If time is running out and your friends aren't around, this is the quickest and surest way to get your Karma Points. Send us a buck, and you'll get 10 Karma Points. Send us two, and we'll give you 20 Karma Points... get it? In other words, 10 Karma Points will be awarded to your account for each US dollar donated. You can use a major credit card or PayPal below. Just click the button.

Taste Temptations Sparingly (+5 Karma)

In the Line For Heaven, Temptations can actually be good for you. You will receive 5 Karma Points for each Temptation you click on. (But for a specific temptation, only one click is counted per day.)



Confess Your Sins (+5 Karma)

The game just got easier! Cleanse your "Soul" by confessing your sins. You should write both your confession and why you should be forgiven for 5 immediate Karma Points. Your peers will judge whether you should be forgiven or not. Once you have enough forgives, you will gain 25 Karma Points.

Start a Cause (+20 Karma)

Once a week, add a social cause that you support to receive +20 Karma Points. (We'll need to approve your cause before it goes online.) Once a day, you can support a cause other than your own to receive +5 Karma Points. Each vote of support adds +5 Karma Points to the accrued Karma Point total for that specific cause. Every Sunday ("Judgment Day") at 7 PM, we name the top three causes, based on the number of points accrued. We then award the person who started the 1st Place cause with 100 Karma Points, 2nd place with 50 Karma Points, and 3rd place with 25 Karma Points.

Daily To Do

Communicate with other users through our free "Soul-to-Soul" messaging feature. View your "Soul History" to see how you are gaining Karma Points. And most importantly, gain more Karma Points by answer fun questions.