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    Probably Not Worthy
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    Might be worthy, probably not. But it's my opinion good overshadows evil many times over. Unfortunately evil, being evil, stands out in my mind more. I forget all the times I hold the door open for people, leave enough for others to eat after me, let people with just a few items go ahead of me in line, drop a few quarters where little kids can find them and "get lucky," et cetera. I know I do a lot of good things but the bad things stand out in my memory so much more than the good things. So that is why I'm here, to see if I'm worthy. I don't really know. One religion says all good people go to heaven. Another says forget to say you missed church just once and then die of a brain aneurysm before you could get to confession and you burn like an eternal french fry. I find that line of reasoning very hard to swallow. Mr X misses church just one Sunday and I steal Parker pens as fast as the little five & ten can get a new order in stock and the guy who misses church is more unworthy than me? I find that hard to swallow. But if you consider the XYZ corporation sells its goods for 3500% more than they cost then who is the bigger thief? The person who blatantly takes what he/she wants or the person that charges so much for particular goods if for no other reason than its a fad and the executives at that corporation all go to heaven if they are square in other areas of their lives, or one religion says suicide bombers go straight to hell while their religious belief says they go straight to heaven -- one point of view categorizes them as the lowest form of life, another says they are just one rung less spiritual than the angels. Whom to believe and why? That is why I am here. There are so many answers I do not have. I am hoping something I read here may help convince me I have a shot at getting into heaven. Oh, in my profile I said no religion. That is because with there many so many I am not sure that any of them are the supreme authoritative truth.
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    I often say someone's rear end doesn't look too fat in a particular outfit even if it does, but my reasoning is that their butt will probably look too fat in anything so why give them an incentive to return almost everything they buy if they really think that they like what they bought and are just trying to please me. I lie like this a lot because usually it doesn't matter to me because I like being with them regardless of what they wear. But sometimes she says to me now I really want you to be honest so many times I am and many times I still lie. Am I wrong both ways? Or should I always say you look great? Or if I really think their ass looks fat should I say so?

    This sin has officially been forgiven.
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