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    Something station attendant how to know what size skateboard to getstands by his lonesome in the heart of the desert. Suddenly, a skateboarder hurdles by and snatches the attendant's hat. Thinking fast, the attendant slops a can of motor oil for your skateboard ramp, jumps track of bare foot and rapidly overtakes the skateboarder -- snatching back his hat. When some advertising guy authored that TV commercial for Fiat Motor Oil, there's only one little production challenge: Filming the factor need a skateboard ramp 100 foot extended. Warfield builds 100-ft skateboard ramps within the desert. And gas chambers. And 20-ft-high falcons. He's online sources Rhino Designs, which builds sets for commercials, films and almost any oddball business promotion you'll be able to challenge him with. "They might make anything," states Vicki Vance, director of advertising for Falcon Systems Corporation., a Sacramento computers company. "If you think it cannot be achieved, Louis can perform it." "I have not switched work lower since i have have have am always hungry," Warfield states. So, when Fiat requested him to create a hundred-ft skateboard ramp within the desert, Warfield mentioned, "not a problem.In . "I did not support the tiniest concept of a couple of a few a couple of a few things i was doing," he admits. However a three week period and 50 gallons of Bondo later, the cameras were moving. It's rarely exactly the same job two occasions. He lately did some props -- 20 cows, billboards along with a "recommended house" -- for virtually every Pontiac Firebird commercial filmed at Mather Air Pressure Base. This month Warfield finished a 20-ft falcon that hung more than an exhibition booth in San Francisco's Moscone Center for Falcon Systems. "It could not be overweight, whether it fell it can't kill anybody. Plus it must be sturdy enough therefore the Teamsters (who'd to hold it) wouldn't spoil it,Inch marketing director Vance states. "The very best product was fabulous." Warfield arrived on the scene balancing the falcon perfectly whenever the elements conditioning was on, it travelled inside the company's booth. "No motors, no nothing -- just Louis' understanding of physics," she marvels. Rhino Design's clients run from public agencies to non-public companies. He not just designs and fabricates sets, but makes ads and offers art direction. An actress-switched-designer, Warfield creates structures from plastic, fiberglass, wood or steel. Without any formal training, he's a streetwise artist who thinks on his foot. What he can't do themselves he finds local talent for, drawing regularly from 3 or 4 people. He's never marketed his services past the phonebook, and admits his insufficient hustle makes him late within the rent a couple of occasions. Within the eight-year good status for Rhino, he's averaged a gross of yearly. There's however almost no profit yearly, based on him. His banner year may be a few years when Rhino did props for your California lottery's "Big Spin" Television show. That year he grossed Most likely the main other company in Sacramento that competes with Rhino is Edward Duffy's firm, ArtFab. And he'll testify that business may be rare to find. His 6-year-old business began supporting him only six a few days ago. Before he supplemented his earnings with woodworking work, restoring Victorian houses and so on. ArtFab is a second one-man business. Like Warfield, Duffy hires artists simply because they needs them. Really, they hire one another if needed. Duffy labored for Warfield over the replica within the gas chamber when CBS' "Saturday Night With Connie Chung" did a segment within the dying penalty. Presently almost all ArtFab's tasks are for retail displays and trade exhibition exhibits. Duffy's focusing on a circus display for virtually every Vallejo store at this time. Until he proven up a few jobs lately, he'd La searching for work, since it was slim pickings here. From time to time he'll get jobs within the la area. Although there are many design firms there, they might compete because materials and labor are less pricey here. what size skateboard should i get "It's strange work," Duffy states. Nevertheless it is not just a whole time earnings to him. "I have hit 43 years of age, combined with the actual doing let us say possibly to accomplish and personally.Inch Both Warfield and Duffy have thought about relocating to La, where there's more be employed in set designs, film and commercials. But living there does not attract them. Still, Sacramento does not have ample set design work. You will find volume of production companies here, and theaters haven't any money. Theater set design, however, takes place when Warfield acquired plenty of his woodworking skill. He originated from a theatrical family. His father was dean within the Pasadena Playhouse within the 1950s combined with the grandmother was an opera singer. Although inside the Coast Guard in 1972, he attempted out for virtually every play and proven up charge role. He later stored doing community theater and began being an actor for your Even Caribbean Cruises Theater Company for just two primary seasons, also building some sets. Then he gone after Sacramento and take proper care of up doing construction work, restoring old houses with Dain Domich, a developer famous for such architecturally odd structures as Sutter Square Galleria, beneath Business 80 at K Street. "He's some amazing stuff," Domich states. Warfield's did his first commercial searching for Michael Grasso, now a La director for commercials, who filmed a location where you reside for Very Cream & Butter Co. Next Warfield is becoming established being an artist in lots of media. skating "Anything I have learned, I have learned shateringly pricey way,Inch based on him. "I am streetwise. It's reduced the problem really in a position to thinking within my foot." He started exercising of his apartment and building things within the yard. About eight formerly he connected with Clay Lawson, who'd formerly been doing political commercials for your Democratic Party, with David Bunge, a lighting and electrical specialist. These rented space inside the building on B Street and were elevated to complete up part of by Kenneth Knoll, who'd an entertainment and company communications firm. four years back they moved into space on Railroad Drive in Sacramento. There, Rhino, together with Bunge's firm, Grip Services Iron Mountain Media, a movie and video production company Pudding Stone Productions, a appear production firm, and a lot of other similar companies have created a kind of co-op known as Delta Studios. "The entire concept was that Delta Studios can be a one-stop shop," Warfield states. Warfield's customers are not just advertisers and public agencies. He's also done some use restaurants. He redesigned within Harlow's Bar & Coffee shop, and came finished something the architects had declined to supply the proprietors of Fish inside the Ponds restaurant in Folsom -- logs within the ceiling. Warfield simply built them of fiberglass. Half the fight is finding alternatives. Which ability creates a number of options. States Domich, "Should you how to set up a skateboard prefer a 25-ft-high gigantic walking toy soldier that may dance a jig, you call Louis."
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