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    Live Love Laugh
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    I take care of my dogs, volunteer weekly at a homeless shelter, I'm at nurse at a children's hospital, i give money to charity, I foster troubled and underprivileged youths in my home, I don't drink or do drugs, I am a virgin, I go to church three times a week, I never forget my friends birthdays.
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    I was at church and a man i have known since i was little pulled me aside and reached in my pants attempting to arouse me, then he pulled me in the bathroom and he got me to have sex with him. we were in the God's temple so i decided it was god's intentions and that he would still see me as a virgin since it was in his will. the man appears to still like me so maybe now i will marry.
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  • First Name: Annasofia Gender: Female
  • Location: United States Religion: Christianity

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