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    Just Clownin' Around!!
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    Well, I have a lot of skills you know. I can juggle, play the mini-violin, perform the famous levitating cards trick, and, need I go on. Oh yeah, I'm also pretty humble!!
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    Sometimes, when I am making balloon animals for kids, the lineup gets really long. I have an "end" time and if there are LOTS of kids still in line, I have to make a cutoff in the line. That sends kids away very unhappy. I feel bad because I make someone else tell them it's the "end of the line". Sorry about that!!!
    This sin has officially been forgiven.
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    Siloam Mission
    I think we need to do more for those who, by no fault of their own, are homeless. A young girl in our city decided to do that and her cause helped this organization open a shelter facility for the homeless. Amazing things happen when people start to look past the unpleasantness of the surface and look deep into the heart of those who need our help.
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  • First Name: Doug Gender: Male
  • Age: 52 Location: Manitoba
  • Religion: Protestant  

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