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    Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name!
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    I was in girl scouts for 10 yrs and helped many young girls through that. I was also involved in a community service class in high school where I helped a 6th grade class with their studies, raised money and goods for several organizations. I am the first generation to be in a university. I'm athletic and have won awards in softball, volleyball and track as well as in school and for playing my sax. The Host is my BF, John-Jon is his brother, Erika is my cousin!
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    When I was little I would steal little things that my parents wouldn't buy for me.

    I've said stupid things about my friends behind their backs.

    I curse a lot.
    This sin has officially been forgiven.
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    The Animal Rescue Site
    A click a day...you can provide food to hunger children and animals, a free mammogram to women, save part of the rain forest, donate a book, or give a child a health check up. They don't need any of your personal information...just a click of your mouse!
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  • First Name: Whitney Gender: Female
  • Age: 33 Location: Kansas
  • Religion: Other Christianity  

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