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    When i was younger there was a girl that lived next door that i was friends with, her name was Jael, but there was another girl that lived near by, that also hung out with us, Jessica. Jessica and i never got along, and one of the things we fought about the most was Jael. Jessica was always trying to make me jealose of her and Jael being friends, and always trying to take Jael away from me. So one day i got so mad, and so fed up with Jessica that i wrote this letter, and the letter said a bunch of fowl things, ultimatly claiming that i had much hatred for Jael and i never wanted to see her again, only i signed the name at the bottem as Jessica. The next day i put the note in Jael's door and when her parents found it... well, they didn't believe it was Jessica and there was this big thing like "who could have done this?!?!" and blah blah eventully i fessed up to my dad and had to apoligize to Jael's parents, which i did gladly for feeling so bad. They obviously never let Jael see it, but they did tell her about it so she new what had happened.
    Ever since then i have always regreted it and i ask for forgivness. Keep in mind that i was very young and those girls were extremly terrable to me, they really treated me horrable, and that wasn't the last i had with Jessica. I still know her and live by her to this day. Now we'er much older and more mature, and believe or not we actuly came to some level of peace after years of intence drama.
    This sin has officially been forgiven.
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    Stop Animal Abuse
    Please help stop the inhuman cruelty done to inocent animals everyday <3
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