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    The Car Owner
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    I drive a lot.
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    I drive in my sleep.
    This sin has officially been forgiven.
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    Tapestries of Hope
    Tapestries of Hope exposes an issue that continues to be ignored: the rape and sexual abuse against thousands of women, especially baby girls of Zimbabwe. The cause of these rapes is shocking: men with HIV/AIDS have been brainwashed to believe that they will be cured if they have sex with a virgin; the younger and more pure the girl, the better their chances of ridding themselves of their disease.

    If you think this is wrong, show your support with a donation at http://savehope.blogspot.com/(right hand side). The first step toward stopping this problem is to expose it. Please donate to help us reach our goal.

    Another way to show your support is by purchasing the "Futures" pendant, like the trendy Livestrong yellow bracelet, although better looking. Make a statement to the world that you care about the sexual abuse problems in Africa. The pendant can be acquired through http://savehope.blogspot.com/ . All the money we get from the purchase of the pendant goes to the cause.

    I am busy at work producing the Tapestries of Hope documentary, directed by famed abuse advocate and award-winning filmmaker Michealene Cristini Risley. Our goal is to expose the issues and provide a voice for these abused girls.

    Film is a risky business, but the probability of success of this project is higher than its ever been. This is compared to when our filmmakers were arrested and thrown in jail in Zimbabwe mid-production. They have since returned home safely with tapes safe and sound to finish telling this very shocking tale about women's rights. We're making great headway exposing the problem with widespread interest in the media. For example, read about the horrors of being incarcerated in a 5x5 cell for days: Michealene's blog post invited by The Huffington Post, the #1 news blog in the world: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/michealene-cristini-risley/gra
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