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    i hope i'm worthy
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    i TRIED to help my friend see the light(failed) i want to save the earth from global warming, and other problems this world has. but....i have a problem, i have sinned, ALOT but i've prayed to repent, and i'm trying not to sin anymore, i just hope i'll be worthy enough to go to heaven.
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    this is hard to do, (im still trying to stop this) i have lusted, lied, possibly hated, close to fornication, lied, and still more...

    lied: i'm sort of a compulsive liar, and i'm trying to control it. I have made up stories, so called facts about myself, i've procrastinated, and i've lied to my family and friends.

    possibly hated: i've disliked many people and close to hated, but never did anything about it.

    music: music is one of my biggest weaknesses, i grew up with secular music, execpt i've never listened to christian music(until i started listening to christian rock a few months ago) but even so, i've still been listening to secular music but not as much, and the urge for it is coming back.

    lust: this topic is REALLY REALLY difficult to talk about,there was one point in my life where i liked other guys. i almost did something 4 times, but i stopped myself and never reached first base(execpt for the frist), and i would have VERY impure thoughts and never bothered to fight them before because back then i didn't really care or knew all that much about jesus or god. Even after i found god, i've still had these thoughts and sometimes worse, but these problems with lust is very hard to control. I have a girlfriend and love her VERY much. But still can't control them, i don't want to be damned because of these ridiculous urgues, there is also the fact that i use to watch porn. I hope nobody i know reads these sins i've committed, for only god, jesus, the angels in heaven, and me knew about these sins that i've commited, and if so, i hope nobody else knows.

    i really want to go to heaven because i want to me god, jesus, see my relatives, friends, and anyone else who has reflected positivety on this earth. I'm still fighting to stop sinning and to be worthy enough to go to heaven, meet god, jesus, and some of the other angels. Also go there to train, draw, paint, view and explore heaven.

    cussing: i use to curse, then stopped

    greed: i've been greedy, still working on sharing.

    others: i've drawn pentagrams, upside down crosses *rarely but stopped, like 4 times*.

    so, that's all of the sins i can think of, i just hope i will be worthy enough to go to heaven when i die, or when the rapture happens. I just hope my friends & family repent for the sins they've committed because when i go to heaven, i don't want them to suffer in hell, only one problem, i can't preach to save my life or convince them.

    This sin has officially been forgiven.
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