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    I believe
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    Talking about myself…? Well, a difficult job. To talk about oneself, one may also need to know about oneself. And two dozen years of my life slipped by in talking, knowing and spreading things about others. lol. Let's begin with the beginning (of my life). I’ve probably the most less famous birthday on this planet. It makes me feel good. My physical attributes? They are very economical. not much slim, athletic and standing five eight tall. I’ve a natural soft corner for people who had the same vertical length. Like any polite n artistic Piscean, I’m primarily obsessed with only one thing in my life- ‘Kanji’ as they say in Japanese or ‘feelings’ as it is called in English. Oscar Wilde said, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I truly believe in each and every word this maestro of words has uttered here. Goals in my life? Careerwise, I had too many, and haven’t shown fidelity to any of them for a long time. When a child, I wanted to be a pilot like every other child, then I went on flirting with the idea of becoming a film star, boxer, software engineer, painter, fashion designer, animator, professor, MBA etc. Recently I’ve been thinking about finding my niche as a combination of careers in computers, graphics, cartoons (readable, preferably!). Now the most important goal. There is the face of only one person which has kept me hooked on since the day I saw it for the first time, years ago. Definitely um not gonna tell their name to you. That’s not all. But, thanks for the charming, interesting and breathtaking one-sided conversation we just had.
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    I have a beaten a poor man very badly and I feel very guilty for it.
    This sin has officially been forgiven.
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