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    I am often unfairly describe as snobbed type of person but indeed Im very approachable. One night stand is definitely a NO NO for me...not my cup of tea. I admire good common sense and practical ability. Health is a big priority in my eyes.I'm sweet, loving, thoughtful,. Gentle and One man woman. I like to keep things simple and uncomplicated because life's too short!! Life is good so I try to embrace every moment of it! I'm also a very passionate person and will forever be a hopeless romantic! I have a big heart and have the capacity to love in a very biiiig way!! affection is very important to me. I am very romantic, I love to feel the touch of my man beside, holding hands, stealing kisses, lots of hugs. I guess you could say I love to be physical and verbal in my intimacies. I believe in sweet nothings whispered in an ear,to be able to look in someones eyes and feel the love that flows through. Make my heart skip a beat. When I love, I don't just love halfway, I'm 100% and striving to give more.:hearts hmmmm, well, I would like to find a God fearing man , He must be romantic, sweet, faithful, loving, respectful and ONE WOMAN MAN.
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  • First Name: Grace Gender: Male
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